Football Club Logos

I was looking at the Brief I was set at the time which consistent of doing my own creativity and thinking process. And I really wanted to show what I was capable of in designing something out of my league (no pun intended). 
So I decided to research into the football Players and there movements with the ball and it gave me an idea to put this idea forward and create illustrations using my digital skills of photoshop and Illustrator and resources I had on a USB which was given to me at the time of the interview. 
I really enjoyed exploring my creative thinking and expanding my knowledge of using the programmes and being experimental with what I had and I am pleased with these outcomes of creating the logo designs. 
I liked the Idea of the Red shoes so I kept this concept. 
leaflet  Designs 
For this part of the Project , I was looking into designing and making improvements to the leaflet designs , by firstly: looking at the elements of type , social media , Attention to detail , And making sure the Football Club is recognised and shows its key factors to the audience so that they can gain new members. 
With the colour choices , it was down to experimenting with what stands out the most and will be the most strike seeking to the audience member viewing it from a distance , so I had to work with creative thinking on the font and size of text. Which in the end was standard: Helvetica and 12 point. 
Luckily I had photographs to work with of the Football Club which helped me to get the understanding of the impact of the players and their enjoyment of the sport. So the second design I feel was more directed to new club members who may want to join the club in the future. 

Banner Designs 
I was assigned to also look at Banner designs to be printed and shown on the Football Club field and replace their current Banner they had at the time which was a basic design about the Football Club .  So I decided to research into inspirational Sport Motivational speeches or Quotes and make it relevant to Football. 
I also added their sponsor and logo designs I had created . With the second design, I wanted to make it more colourful and play around with what the outcome could possibly look like and see where it would take me. 
I used my Illustrator skills to draw the typography of the speech and created the type forms by using the pen tool and outlines. 
Extra Designs
I was just having fun at this point , with my designs and looking at new ideas how I could take them forward so I was experimenting with these outcomes , cheesy or not and looking at ways of expressing the emotion the players had towards each other , the sense of Teamwork and  the love of Friendship. As well as looking at different angles of the logo design to see if I could change any elements to make it something more. 
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