Emotions in Design 
My Major Project  explores the ways of showing emotions in graphic design.  I have  created a series of six wallpapers which are the set of emotions: happy, sad, anger, hopeful, lonely and confident, to communicate the way we feel.

I have  made these outcomes suitable for a potential 'Wallpaper Design App' for consumers and the audience, where they can interact and choose how they're  feeling on a particular day. Furthermore, I  also recorded videos and made a website to help the app have its own identity both on Desktop and phone.

Emotion of Anger 

Emotion of Confidence 

Emotion of Happiness

Emotion of Hopefulness 

Emotion of loneliness 

Emotion of Sadness

Phone Recording of Brand Website 

Desktop Recording of Brand Website 

Twitter  Mock up of Wallpaper Designs 

Instagram Mock Up of WallPaper Designs 

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