The idea about the name , came to mind when I was thinking of Typeface Names and since its quite a creative mess I thought the name suited this project fairly well to express how it could be used in future. I also had a lot of fun creating it from hand and drawing shapes. 
From this typeface I was looking into old buildings around Cambridge and looking at the way the letters had been carved into the wall, and working from that to create another sense of style which evolved my research into what the Typography was like in the old era.  
This Typeface was a hit and miss project , because I was looking into how I could make a unique style of a typeface and trying out new type styles to create something out of the ordinary. My Inspiration helped me to research how to create bold and quirky letter shapes to challenge my creative thinking and produce the final outcome. 
Experiment Typography
With this Specimen Sheet, I was looking into my resource on Beatrix Potter and I was really intrigued with the typography on the front of the original books , and since I have the book collection of her stories , I wanted to work with the type to see if I could make my own changes and see what the outcome would be. I also looked into Illustration and made Jemima the Puddle Duck for a bit of fun as well. 
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